Access Consciousness Bars research 2015


                                By Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.

Lindsay Anderson, Melissa Waterman, MSW, Terrie Hope, Judi Stivers, Lisa Roye



This “White Paper” is an overview of the Access Consciousness research. This was a very complex research project and the scientific details are more comprehensively explained in a detailed scientific article being prepared for future publication. It is expected that members of the Access Consciousness Community will be allowed to use the information contained in this “White Paper” to help educate their clients and others interested in better understanding the science related to the “Bars Process.”

NOTE: It is expected that any information used from this “White Paper” will not be altered, distorted, misrepresented or represent claims that are not factual. You have the responsibility of how you will use this information for the education and betterment of your clientele and business.


Sixty people participated in the study. Data gathering sites were in Denver, Phoenix and Houston. Those wishing to volunteer registered online to be part of this study. Based on the questions asked during the registration, respondents were either assigned to be a GIVER or RECEIVER. To ensure the reliability and validity of this study an Institutional Review Board (IRB) was used to oversee and approve the accuracy of this study.


Measuring the biophotonic energy of the body and changes to that energy are an important part of this research project. The energy measures taken in this study were accomplished through the use of the technology known as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV).


Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Electrophotonic Imaging cameras are the devices that are used to measure biophotonic energy in the body. The GDV Camera is a cutting-edge Kirlian camera that uses digital technology to capture and evaluate finger emissions that relate to the energy meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The finger captures are divided into sectors, and each sector represents a specific organ system and body part. The sectors are evaluated via the proprietary GDV software suite of computer analysis programs and displayed in numerous graphs and images useful for evaluating changes in the emotional and physical energy fields of the body.

Figure 1 – Individual Finger Capture

Jeffrey L. Fannin 1
Jeffrey L. Fannin 1

All of the programs use the collective energetic emissions surrounding the 10 fingertips. Each finger relates to a sector or system of the body, based on 30 years of research. All of the program results are evaluated cumulatively for an overall energy assessment of the study participant.

GDV equipment has become a valuable tool for research. The characteristics of the corona, the gas discharge from around the fingertips, are calculated translating it to the general state of health depending on the amount of energy measured at a specific location in the body. The larger and steadier the areas of the finger tip corona (see Figure 1), the more coherent and stable the energy field appears.

-DSI 24 Brainmapping Headgear

Figure 2 – DSI Headgear

Jeffrey L. Fannin 2
Jeffrey L. Fannin 2

This piece of high-tech headgear was originally designed for the military, but is now in the commercial research market. It is wireless, allowing the subject to move freely. For example, the GIVER wore the DSI-24 while they administered the Bars session. The electrodes on this unique headgear are shielded, much like a “Faraday Cage” that filters out unwanted frequencies in the atmosphere that can interfere with good quality EEG data capture.

Once the raw EEG is captured by the DSI-24 and converted into a Quantitative EEG (QEEG), (seeFigures 3). It is processed through a computer software program called Brain Dx, creating a power spectral analysis or more commonly known as a sLORETA. This software is more objective with higher reliability and higher sensitivity than just the visual examination of the EEG traces by itself for brain performance.i The use of sLORETA will be explained in more detail in the journal article.

We found an interesting correlation at the brainwave frequency 1Hz (Hertz). This is the connection to the morphogenetic field, our human connection to the universal energy that connects each of us to each other. 96% of the participants had elevated 1 Hz activity (3 standard deviations above normal, red, see figure 3). After many years of research, we know that 3 standard deviations above normal at 1 Hz is a connection to the energy field around us and is a signature that is present when a person is either an energy healer or receiving healing energy themselves.

Our research also revealed an interesting phenomenon. We found that 63% of those participating in this research project had elevated activity (3 standard deviations above normal, red) at 22 Hz as seen in Figure 3. After seeing this phenomenon in other research projects, it led us to the understanding that this signature is related to higher states of consciousness. Rather than using traditional ranges of 1-30 Hz, we used a grouping that is often used for measuring higher states of consciousness creating two ranges, 15-22 Hz and 22-38 Hz. The crossover points of this grouping became obvious at 22 Hz. The brainwave activity that is 3 standard deviations above normal at 22 Hz is identified as a high level of engagement; the brain is involved in the activity of figuring things out. It also involves high complexity of thought, as the brain is integrating new experiences.

Figure 3 – 1 Hz and 22 Hz Example

Jeffrey L. Fannin 4

Jeffrey L. Fannin 3

It is not known how long a transition lasts. We don’t know to what degree a change in the energy flow impacts the brain on the long-term. There are still unanswered questions that came to light in this study. Such as, when changes to a person’s energy field occurs and a person is identified as being in transition, how long are they in transition before the energy stabilizes? After receiving a Bars session does the session have a cumulative effect as the person continues to receive Bars sessions? Do the positive changes to improve a person’s energy field continue to improve with more Bars sessions? How long do the effects of a Bars session last? We hope to find the answer to these questions in the future.

We offer our gratitude to the participants in this study. These are courageous individuals willing to put themselves under scientific scrutiny for the betterment of mankind. We also wish to thank the many financial supporters that made this study possible. Our thanks to the many people involved in the logistics of this study, helping to ensure that people and facilities were available at the time and place they needed to be available. We acknowledge, with tremendous gratitude and respect, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for their courage to bring the Bars Process to the world. Our team of researchers would like to thank all of you for making us feel welcome and part of your community!


1 Hughes, J. R., John, E.R. (1999). Conventional and quantitative electroencephalography in psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry, 11(2): 190

VIDEO – Review of Access Bars® by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin

Access Consciousness Bars research 2015

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